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In this Issue Westfield London is the ultimate shopping experience; producing an inspirational guide to showcase the centre's vast retail and dining offer was the ultimate challenge. From Miu Miu and Prada to muffins and pizzas, it's all there: a bijou booklet designed to keep.

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Steph Wilton, Head of Relationship Marketing

The launch of Westfield London represented a huge investment on the part of our client. So we were delighted when they entrusted us with the important task of creating the centre's first guide. Our challenge was to convey a huge quantity of information in a publication that looked and felt completely different – a true brand-in-the-hand. Our start was the format – practical and unusual. To that we added a strong design structure, defined by bold, simple typography and elegant illustrations. And into that structure we've added thoroughly researched, detailed copy that describes the Westfield London experience in full.

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